Civil litigation, Larne

Glover & King's Zara King LLB, LLM heads the firm's work for civil litigation. If you have been injured in an accident then you may be entitled to compensation; we can help you with this claim.

Personal injury claims

It is your employer's duty to protect you and your colleagues in the workplace. If you are seriously injured and need to take time off work, pay for treatment and inconveniences then you could be compensated.

Indeed, this also extends to the general public where it is found that neglectful behaviour has resulted in the injury of another person.

Road traffic accidents

Possibly the most common cause of injuries to the general public due to neglectful behaviour is on the roads. We specialise in dealing with injury claims resulting from road traffic accidents where liability lies with another driver.

We have offices located in Larne, Ballyclare and Carrickfergus so as to serve our wide client base.

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Life changing injuries

If your life has been adversely affected by an injury, compensation may help you to get back on track.

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